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Lana Hechtman Ayers, originally from New York, lives in the Pacific Northwest where she works as a manuscript consultant and writing workshop facilitator. She confesses that some of her favorite things include cats, tekka maki, ice cream, independent film, and jazz.

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A New Red
Poems by Lana Hechtman Ayers

ISBN: 978-1-931247-82-5 $15

Not since Edward Dorn's Gunslinger have I found a poetic persona with this range, depth, insight and humor. Lana Hechtman Ayers's A New Red: a fairy tale for grown ups reminds me of Leonard Cohen's songs: while they are often narrative, or conversational, they never lose their essential relationship with melody. These very human poems are built of angelic music, and ask serious questions of the world.

—James Bertolino, author of Finding Water, Holding Stone

Red Riding Hood at the Grocery Store

Over at the pyramid display of organic Red Kalle pears, I spy
Rapunzel and Cinderella sizing up the shapely, blushing wares.

Ever since liberation from her deplorable stepmother's tower
by gnawing off her extra long braid and using it as cord

to lower herself down, Rapunzel's cropped her name to Zel
and worn her hair in a peach fuzz buzz. Cinderella, just plain Cindy

when we were growing up, used the extended version of her name
as part of her game to win that wealthy prince who came to town.

At his fall gala ball, that gown she barely wore with plunging neckline
and push-up bra snared his attention. Their fairy tale affair ended

in divorce after a scandal about the prince and some enchanted sheep.
I heard she got to keep half his assets. Back to Cindy now, she and Zel

are living well and very much in love. After they find some choice pears,
they notice me, wave hello, then push off toward the aisle of fine wines.

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