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Nick Carbó immigrated to the U.S. in the 1980’s and landed in the snowy campus of Bennington College, Vermont. He eventually graduated from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas where his poetry career began with the original “Pecan Grove Poets.” He has been featured in the PBS show Heritage and National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. Among his awards are fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts.
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Chinese, Japanese, What Are These
by Nick Carbó

ISBN: 978-1-931247-64-1 $15

"A new, outstanding volume by Nick Carbó, in which the world of the Philippines, its reinvented mythology, poignant and disruptive experiences stemming from its colonial past, seem to be engaged in a remedial dialogue with Italy, Spain, France, Japan and the United States, the countries featured in this poetry collection where a similar hurt, and parallel perspectives of renewal are nested, locked in the characters’ hearts. “Language” is the key word of the volume, and its power is explored by the author in its connection with vitality, exchange, sensuousness, rebirth. This book will enthral the readers’ mind and will germinate in every fibre of their bodies."
—Elisabetta Marino, Professor, University of Rome-Tor ver gata

Le Mot Delicieux

I want to savor that one carnelian word
hanging out of that woman’s leopard coat

pocket. All the irregular French verbs buzz
around her as if she had just won

this year’s Prix Nobel de Literature.
The adjectives are speechless, for once,

just gawking at her from their wooden perches
on the sidewalk cafés. There is a conjunction

here and there that wants to join her
as if she were Joan of Arc with

a Ferragamo handbag instead of a sword.
One sharp look and the camera-clicking

modifiers get out of her way. At the end
of the boulevard is an independent clause

waiting for her in a red Masseratti.
If I were a double negative, I would not

deny not knowing that she was naked
underneath her knee-length coat.

There is only one delicious word
in the world to describe her . . . .

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