Scott Wiggerman's Presence

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About Scott Wiggerman

Presence is Scott Wiggerman’s second volume of poetry, the long-awaited follow-up to Vegetables and Other Relationships. Wiggerman is the chief editor of Dos Gatos Press in Austin, where he has co-edited the annual Texas Poetry Calendar for the past seven years. He has also edited Big Land, Big Sky, Big Hair, an anthology of Texas-themed poetry, and recently co-edited Wingbeats: Exercises and Practice in Poetry, a collection of poetry- writing exercises from teaching poets across the country.

"In Presence we meet, in the poet’s own words, ‘the drumming of a buoyant heart.’ It is a sound that will not defer to injustice. It is an intelligent and artful yawp that won’t go quietly. It is a witnessing we need to hear in a world so full of babbling and duplicity. It’s the sound of truth itself....Through it all, Wiggerman’s marvelous craft gives shape to his versatility and poignant insight."—Robert McDowell, author of Poetry as Spiritual Practice: Reading, Writing, and Using Poetry in Your Daily Rituals, Aspirations, and Intentions

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“In Presence, Scott Wiggerman uses an intransigent stain as an emblem of buoyant integrity in the face of intolerance and exclusion. In this new book, nimbly arranged by the elements, the poet, brandishing his trademark sass, humor, and candor, glories in local nature and limns the joys and trials of being a lovingly irreverent Texas gadfly, a proud and forthright gay man.”

—Cyrus Cassells, Lambda award-winning author of Beautiful Signor

“Presence evokes the elements—palpable qualities of air, earth, water and fire, and more—the difficult-to-render textures of familial love, lovers, loss, renewal, memory, and what one needs to stay present to the elemental world. So many moments in Wiggerman’s poems ‘evaporate like broth into essence,’ allowing us to feel absence become presence. And as the poet wisely notes, ‘the juxtaposition is seamless.’”

—Laurie Kutchins,author of The Night Path and Slope of the Child Everlasting

Kiss as Manifesto

—based on Constantin Brancusi’s sculpture “The Kiss”

Some don’t see it,
such as my father-in-law.
But the two are one,
sheltered in a limestone kiss,
an embrace as constant
as a circle.

Because they are one,
their sex unchiseled,
differences are not discernable.
They could be two women.
They could be two men.

Eye to stony eye,
they exist for each other.
Boxed into a world
some don’t want to see,
the two are solid, inseparable,


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