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Trey Moore

Trey Moore received a BA in American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. He has been published and reviewed in various national and international journals. A native San Antonian and fourth generation carpenter, he teaches poetry in public schools and juvenile detention centers.

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Some Will Play The Cello
by Trey Moore

ISBN: 978-1-931247-70-2 $17

“‘We are heroes of making due, getting by, picking up and moving on’-- if the folks living in Trey Moore’s poetry were also the people likely to buy and read poetry, this would be a best-selling book. The writing is effortlessly clear and fresh, the lives revealed quiet, decent, deserving to be known. The poet, the telling sensibility, is charged with loving kindness but misses nothing and when it is called for he is quite capable of flipping off the armed Texan cursing murderously from his thunder head of a pickup. Buy this heart-warming book, read it, share it with a fellow ‘secret sharer of simple truths.’”

—William Pitt Root, award-winning author of Trace Elements From A Recurring Kingdom

After School Practice

A listening boy carries a cello
bigger than two of him. He daydreams
from Garner Middle School.
Furious flashing light and steel.
A thin black vinyl protects the cello the bow
of purposeful pernambuco and horsehair.
Nothing protects the boy.

The tender helper’s unsocietal
feeling of matchstick puzzles.
My heart scoops him up with wings.
It will take all of us. We’ll each
have our part. Some will play the cello.



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