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Yanaguana Literary Review

From The Handbook of Texas: "Yanaguana" was the Payaya Indian name for the tribe's village, at the site of present San Antonio, when the Spanish expedition under the first governor, Domingo Terán de los Ríos, arrived in June 1691, accompanied by Fray Damián Massanet.

Purpose of the Yanaguana Literary Review

From time to time, people and/or presses send new chapbook and books of poems to me or I might be at a conference and see a fairly enticing poetry collection that I buy or that the publishers trade to me for one of my own books. Without fail, I read some of or all of the poems in these collections. Some of them I read more than once.

Problem is that I never know just what to do with them when I finish them. Usually, I donate them to the Louis J. Blume Library at St. Mary's University and the cataloger catalogs them and adds them to the collections. At least that way, if someone is at some point in the future looking for poems by such and such an author, the poems won't be lost in some alternate universe where too many good little books have gone.

So, I've decided, after some thought, to begin a little reviewing blog that I'm going to call the Yanaguana Literary Review. The review is going to review chapbooks and books of poetry that happen to come my way and will not publish poetry. I may at some time invite other people to contribute reviews.

The Reviews

Since I am the director of Pecan Grove Press, I will not, personally, be reviewing books published by that press. I intend to review, primarily, books from other small presses and not from the large commercial publishers. Other knowledgeable people have also asked to review books and they are welcome to do so. All unsigned book reviews will be by H. Palmer Hall, editor of Yanaguana Literary Review. Other reviews will be signed.

Yanaguana Literary Review will include links to other reviewing sources and to specific reviews (as available), published elsewhere, of Pecan Grove Press books and to my own books since they will not be reviewed here.